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Join us for our GRAND RE-OPENING PARTY on February 17, 2017!!!

The Daily Phoenix bar and restaurant is all about Columbia.

With growth comes change!

In that spirit, The Daily Phoenix will be closing for two weeks as we make some additional changes in our restaurant. We believe that "a kitchen is only as good as the last meal it served,” knowing it applies equally to customer service. Our continued success is dependent on continually improving our service as well as creating a menu that appeals to our customers.

Creating excellent food in a fun filled atmosphere is not something we can turn into a simple recipe or set of instructions. So we will take a brief 2 week break to recompose.

Watch for our Grand Re-opening Party on February 17th, 2017! Prepare to enjoy the finest that we can offer which includes us rolling out our brand new menu!

We look forward to exceeding all of our patron's expectations and cannot wait to see you soon!

Why "The Daily Phoenix?"


From the Library of Congress

Because Columbia's First Newspaper was The Daily Phoenix and it...

...arose out of the charred remains of Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, in the aftermath of the Civil War to record its losses and bear witness to its gradual recovery. A triweekly newspaper, the Phoenix first appeared on Tuesday, March 21, 1865, mere weeks after fires had razed a third of the city. It struck a defiant tone, declaring, “Our city shall spring, from her ashes, and our Phoenix, we hope and trust, shall announce the glorious rising! God save the state!” For over ten years, it reflected on the hardships (crop failures, the scarcity of goods and money) and hopes (the return of businesses and railroads, voting rights for African Americans) of the residents of Columbia and neighboring communities in the Midlands region of South Carolina.